Robert Smid, Co-Convener

Assistant Professor, Curry College


Robert Smid received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies (with a specialization in Philosophy of Religion) from Boston University in 2007. He maintains no specific religious affiliation, but has a deep love for the history and practice of theology and an interest in the public role of theology.

Benjamin J. Chicka, Co-Convener & Secretary

Lecturer, Curry College


Benjamin J. Chicka received his Ph.D. in Religion (with a specialization in Philosophy of Religion and Theology) from Claremont Graduate University in 2017. He is a philosophical theologian (as opposed to confessional) with great interest in process and ground-of-being theologies, especially as they relate to potential meaning within popular culture.

A Brief History of the Boston Theological Society

This history still under construction — please check back later!